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Snowy Days March 11, 2010

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The light flurries dusting my yard this morning were a nice bonus, sort of like a prize for freezing my butt off this winter.  Though as I sat drinking my coffee and staring into the increasingly blizzard like conditions I realized the mounting piles of snow, in the next two hours meant Stinkerbell #1 and Stinkerbell #2 would not be going to school today and would insist on being out there …. with me. But a cup of warm apple tea later and another inch on the ground coaxed us out the door.  And all in all i’m feeling a bit less cold in the house knowing exactly HOW cold it is outside.  Two cups of hot cocoa, a snow man, crochet slippers, a cozy hoodie, a fire in the fireplace and some strawberry flavored marshmallows add up to a pretty good day.  Except for the 48 tomato seedlings i sat out to water and get some sun yesterday then forgot to put them back in the garage …. who are currently under about 2 feet of snow 😦  not such a good day for them i guess ….. oops


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