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Kitties out the ears. March 16, 2010

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So does anyone have an opinion on my thought that it must be good luck to have a cat’s water break on you?  I really hope so and my reasoning is that it was so awesomely nastastic that it better be.  Miss Mooska (one of the 4 kittens born on my back porch I attempted to keep unimpregnated and domesticate to find homes for: Miska, Mooksa, Mickey Mouse, and Toodles …. Mickey Mouse Club House was playing alot in this house at the time) aparently found a boyfriend on one of her escapes.  On Friday she became the loudest most annoyingly lovable cat I’ve ever seen, under fot all day and would not leave me alone.  As I was doing dishes she would just stare at , sit on my feet and meow at the top of her lungs until i stopped doing the dishes and sat in the floor to give her the 800th bought of petting attention for the day and as i stood up with her in my arms to go to the living room I felt oddly warm …. and realized the cat had sprung a leak.  Screaming at my oldest to get me paper towels I held her with one arm afraid of letting her go run to the basement and have those kittens where i couldn’t find them I cleaned up and took her upstairs to our room and promptly made her a place out of the girls play house I had moved upstairs luckily earlier that morning and no sooner did I put her a basket and towels in there the first one popped out, and I’m not going to feed you the “miracle and beauty of birth” nonsense … it was … ewwwwwwwwwww.  4 Kittens later Miss Mooksa got it into her head  that I was her wet nurse and everytime I left the room she came to get me meowing as loud as she could until I came up crawled into that stinkin’ house and sat with them next to the basket to rub her while they ate. 


 Sadly Sunday night I checked in on them and discovered one didn’t make it, which I pretty much knew it wouldn’t. So far everyone else seems to be good and now she lets me leave the room :). 


One Response to “Kitties out the ears.”

  1. JGS Says:

    That sounds like once in a life time event. I’m glad you were able capture it and share it.

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