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Trip to Slovenia March 7, 2010

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Slovenia                              Well my trip to Slovenia was …. well …. eventful as well as uneventful and I’ll explain.  It started out as any other of my seat of the pants ” let’s go on an adventure” trip does, late, but all in all we were ok with plenty of time to spare and make it in time for the last castle tour.  With a quick detour through the McDrive to appease the crabby pregnant woman who needs her strawberry milkshake, the next three hours were pleasant with a movie for the girls and a book with occasional chit chat from my Italian Stallion in the driver’s seat that was even nice enough to pull over for a potty break …. he’s learning.  I was even choosing not to notice the fact we had driven right through the sunny beautiful day in italy, to a crappy grey one as we arrived at the border into Slovenia.   Slowing down to see all the toll gates were up and it seemed to be dead we looked left and right saw no sign of people so we drove through and went on to the next check point seen in the distance.  Here we are directed to the side and asked for our paperwork and the vehicles, after that all checks out, Officer funny pants shows us the tiny shack off to the side in the distance of the previous check point where we COULD have bought the 15 euro sticker pass for our vehicle to drive in Slovenia, but no worries he says you may buy it here, after about 30 min of paper work and photographing our plates and, oh yeah, pay a 150 euro fine. And i call him Officer Funny Pants due to the glance i made in our mirror that made it look like he and his buddies found our plight amusing.   The Italian Stallion gets in the car and sighs as we continue on our journey, looks over at me and says, “You know that *beepin* sticker is only good for 7 days …..”, and there was silence for about 10 seconds before the 10 minutes of hysterical laughter lightened the rest of the car ride through the gloomy mist and snow flurries …… to Prejama Castle which was closed 🙂

  Chin up though i got some pics and we’re going to try again the weekend after next.  Next weekend im dragging him to Turin for a big flea market 🙂  He must love me, he said he’d drive …..