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Living in Italy moving to Japan March 1, 2010

Lake GardaLiving in Europe for the last 6 years has taught me one thing ….. i miss living in Japan lol.  It was fun while it lasted folks. Traveling has been great; Belgium, Germany, England, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Italy so far.  With 6 months to go we hope to squeeze in Prague, Croatia, Greece, Spain, and a few other adventures.  The 4 years we spent in Belgium are still by far my favorite and the last two here in Italy, while a bit on the difficult side, have not been without their perks.  Living in the local communities in each really made the experience for me, my little stinkerbells were able to attend the local school here in Montichiari, Italy and with two years under her belt my oldest speaks pretty fluent Italian.  With such beautiful scenery and travel opportunities my love of Photography has increased and allowed time for study and improvement.  My obsession with crafts and making just about anything has blossomed to borderline unhealthy proportions now that I am able to get my hands on awesome market finds, gorgeous yarns and fabrics and just pretties in general which just makes my little heart flutter.  PS Im officially “with child” … again … with a due date set for September 8thish, and oh yeah, we move to Japan the last week of August. So the next six months of my mad dash to buy and stock up on everything in Europe i love, squeeze in everything i still want to see over here, prepare the crap load of paperwork it requires to get my neurotic teacup poodle, basket case bulldog, and carrot the ferret on the 23 hour flight and into Japan, and decide which country (Italy, US or Japan) this new little bundle of Joy is going to be born in, along with a thousand other things ought to make for a resonably amusing blog.


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